Another Saturday in St. Louis— Disc Jockeys!

Remember when June was THE month for weddings? Brides coveted these June dates and they often filled up very quickly. Today, in St. Louis MO, June is the SECOND most popular month for weddings. What is the first rated month? October! The last couple of years, the month of October has brought with it some surprises and if weather keeps playing such tricks, we may see June returning to it’s pre-eminent spot.

CJ’S Disc Jockey Service will be very busy today, actually ALL Saturday’s tend to be prime days to be out and about, enjoying weddings, events and parties.

Today is an All-Wedding day and we congratulate Scott & Kourtney, Tammi & Ian, along with Courtney and Tim! Everyone on staff sends you Best Wishes.

You can find CJ (and fantastic Staff) here:

6/4/2011 – Scott Gamble – Kourtney Rainwater & Jon Casey – Insbrook

6/4/2011 – Chris Johnson – Tammi Costello & Ian Hilton – Home Night Club @ Ameristar

6/4/2011 – Kevin Dryer – Courtney Grannemann & Tim Kohne

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