This Weekend in St. Louis— Disc Jockey’s Probably hot!

We’re actually always hot—- right? But the weather has been making everyone in the industry (and everyone period) super HOT. Sounds like next weekend will be even hotter.

We always set up our events well in advance of YOUR event. It is important that we are ready to go when you are and that no one sees the crew in action. What you will see is cool, calm and professional. The plus is always professionally dressed and not all sweaty!  🙂

This weekend Chris will be at the Crown Plaza in Clayton with Nicole and her hubby! It is going to be a fantastic event——–

Stay cool & we hope that we see you very soon at a CJs Disc Jockey Service Event! Please call and tell us about your special event, we’d love to hear about it and offer our suggestions for fantastic entertainment.

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